6 Steps to Your Hand Hygiene

6 Steps to Your Hand Hygiene 

Washing hands is now an important ritual of our daily routine. Regular hand washing prevents the spread of germs and keeps us safe and healthy. It's crucial to understand if we're doing it the correct way. 

Here are some steps that will ensure proper hand hygiene. 

1) Rinse your hands with clean running water. 

2)  Apply soap to create enough lather that covers your hands. 

3)  Rub your palms thoroughly for 20 seconds. Not sure how many seconds went by? Go the Mississippi way! 

Remember to rub: 

  • The Palms together.
  • One palm over the back of another with fingers interlocked and vice versa. 
  • The space between your fingers by interlocking them.
  • The back of your fingers with opposing palms.
  • The fingertips on your palms in a clock and anti-clock manner.
  • Your thumb by rotating it with the other and vice versa.
  • Your wrists in rotation.

4) Now, rinse your hands thoroughly with clean water. 

5) Dry your hands with a clean towel or a dryer. 

6) Use that towel to close the tap. Use a fresh towel for next hand wash.

Good Hygiene leads to Better Health!